Master Toys and Novelties, Inc. has been a manufacturer, direct importer, and wholesaler of toys, dolls, novelty gift items, and die-cast metal cars for over 40 years. Master Toys and Novelties, Inc. started as a one-man entrepreneurship and has grown to become one of the largest importers in the Los Angeles area. They are constantly monitoring trends and license some of the world’s leading brands and patents. In 2009, EJ Levenson from EJ Toys and Gifts joined Master Toys and Novelties. EJ Toys was always considered the leader in one stop shopping, with the eclectic mix of licensed toys and gifts, the latest trend items, and children’s jewelry. The addition of EJ to Master Toys allows us to cover additional distribution channels and still offer our customers competitive direct importer pricing.

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  • Minimum Order:$200.00
  • Minimum Reorder:$100.00
  • Accepted Credit Cards:VISA/MC/AMEX


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